About Us

Dr. S.J. Phillips PS is located in Oshawa, Ontario and serves students in Kindergarten through Grade 8.

Mission statement

Dr. S.J. Phillips is excited to be celebrating 95 years of excellence in education and service to the community!

Our school was originally called North Simcoe Public School and was built in 1924, the same year in which Oshawa became a city. The original three-story brick building opened with a staff of eight teachers and almost 400 students. In 1952 six rooms and an auditorium were added.  Another addition was added in 1956 when the student population reached 753.

In 1962 the Oshawa Board of Education passed a resolution renaming the school Dr. SJ Phillips Public School to show their gratitude to the local dentist Dr. Stanley J Phillips who had served as a member from 1930 to 1950 and chairperson in 1938 and 1942.

Today, Dr. S.J. Phillips has a reputation for academic excellence, amazing arts education, strong athletic instruction and students who care about their community and are making a difference! Current enrollment includes 425 students from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 8.  Dr. Phillips’ 35 member staff continues to work together to make decisions in the best interests of our students. We strive to provide programming that meets the needs of all students and addresses Ministry expectations. Our School Community Council works with us to support student learning and to provide a caring environment for our student community.

Together parents, staff and our wonderful school community are working together to help all our students "Soar to Success"

Principal’s message

Welcome to Dr. S.J. Phillips PS!

Welcome to another exciting year at Dr. S. J. Phillips.  The staff are very eager to welcome back your children and newcomers to our learning community. This year we continue to focus on leadership, character development and academic excellence as our themes.  Through these themes we will address three major challenges:

1.     Raising the bar on academics

2.    Improving our school culture

3.    Providing our students with basic life skills to be successful

At Dr. S.J. Phillips, we believe in engaging our students both inside and outside of the classroom.  Our staff work diligently to provide all our students with a motivating and engaging learning environment where they can develop and achieve their maximum potential. 

In conjunction with high academic expectations, we also seek to provide our students with activities outside of the classroom to help them reach their full potential as community members.   We believe that by engaging our students in co-curricular activities outside of the classroom we can inspire and support our students in developing to their fullest potentials. 

These philosophies are geared towards helping students, and staff, lead their own lives (personal leadership), work effectively with others (interpersonal leadership), and make a positive contribution to their surroundings (civic leadership).  Academics are addressed by learning to set goals and work towards them.  Improved academics will lead indirectly to improved self-confidence of all students and an improved overall culture.

Together as we teach these principles to our students, we hope to create a school full of leaders, one child at a time!