Grade 8 Student Helping to Make Headwear for Frontline Workers

Posted On Tuesday May 12, 2020
Photo 1_Danielle cutting patterns-sm
Grade 8 student Danielle from Beaverton PS cutting patterns for the Brock Sews community group. Her handiwork will be used to create headwear for frontline workers.

An inspiring DDSB student is volunteering to help make frontline workers more comfortable and safe

A Durham District School Board (DDSB) student has decided to give back and help her community by supporting frontline workers during the pandemic, in a small but mighty way.

“I want to get involved with my community and I feel like this is the best way to do it. Even in rough times, you need to be able to help your community out, no matter who they are. We can get through these tough times together,” says Danielle, a Grade 8 student at Beaverton Public School. 

Danielle is helping to create headwear for frontline workers, as part of an effort being coordinated by Brock Sews. She is a pattern cutter, which means that she cuts fabric for the headwear and then gives it to the person who sews the final product. In just over three days Danielle has been able to cut over 20 patterns. She found out about the project from her grandmother Gail Scruton, who is also involved with Brock Sews.

Lore Grant, founder of Brock Sews, said her heart broke when she saw a Facebook post, showing “a nurse whose ears were raw and blistering from the elastic from her mask; she wanted headwear that would take the elastic off the ears.” 

After sharing the post, many people from Brock Township reached out to Grant to help to make the headwear. Some offered to sew, cut patterns or donate fabrics and other materials needed. So far, they’ve donated almost 2800 completed pieces to hospitals and healthcare facilities across the GTA. Grant is happy to have Danielle on the team supporting frontline workers. She added that, “this is such a selfless act, to want to engage with others in an effort to show our appreciation to the frontline workers.”

Danielle hopes that others hear about this great initiative.

“It makes me feel good that I’m able to help other people,” Danielle says. “I just wish there were more ways I could help and maybe other people could help too.”

To get in touch with Brock Sews to help at, 705-426-1296.